2019 XC Water and Snacks Sign-up


Please consider bringing a case of water, fruit (sliced oranges, grapes, bananas), or healthy snacks (granola bars, pretzels, etc.) for Cross Country Meets.  Meets are usually all day long and hot.  The snacks and water will provide an extra boost for the runners.  There are approximately 95 athletes on the team so do plan accordingly.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND THESE ITEMS WITH THE ATHLETES ON THE BUS OR DROP THEM OFF FOR THE COACHES!  The buses get too crowded and the athletes or coaches can not be responsible for these items.  You can drop the items off at the Red Redondo Booster Tent AT the meet.  Thank you!

Sign-up HERE.

PLEASE remember that you can NOT send the items on the bus! If you are not going to the meet, please make arrangements with another parent. Thanks again!