Thank You Letter Redondo Nike Track Festival 2017

Redondo Nike Festival 2017 Thank You From Coach Bob Leetch The results are in and the 7th edition of the Redondo Nike Track Festival was our greatest meet yet.   We had the most competitors, over 2,700 athletes in over 6,500 events, by far the largest meet in the United States.   It also generated… Continue reading Thank You Letter Redondo Nike Track Festival 2017

Calling All Volunteers Bay League #2 March 23rd

Thursday March 23rd we will be hosting our Bay League #2 meet and we need our volunteers! ​ T​he first race ​is ​set to start at ​​2​:​3​0pm. With a full schedule of events we will need volunteers to help in a number of areas​ like ​athlete check in, all field events and snack bar. If… Continue reading Calling All Volunteers Bay League #2 March 23rd

2014 Redondo Nike Invitational

Redondo Nike Invitational 145 EPI Elites plus 7 State Leaders! Friday and Saturday Results Redondo-Nike Photos Day 1 – by Dean Lofgren To ALL Our Volunteers, We sometimes take for granted in the rush of all we do, and forget to say a special thanks to volunteers like you! No task too large, no task… Continue reading 2014 Redondo Nike Invitational

Nike Volunteer Meeting

Redondo Nike Track Festival – We still have a few  CRITICAL SPOTS OPEN that need ADULT volunteers to fill in. Please click here and take another look to see if you can help. I made new shift times for these areas. Both Friday and Saturday. Coach Ferron is helping us with our athletes sign up for shifts to… Continue reading Nike Volunteer Meeting