Results: Parlauf Relays

The results, stats and records for the Redondo Union track & field team’s efforts at the Parlauf Relays on Saturday January 29, 2011 are now posted in the Meet Results section on the right. Or you can to go straight to the results by clicking here For the full meet results on ESPN-Rise, click here

As in previous years, this event lends itself to some serious statistical analysis. Everyone wants to know their times and their average 200 meter split. But how fast was the combined total of all eight of your splits, all 1600 meters? How fast was the first half of your race, and your second half, and how much did you slow down in that second 800 meters? How fast was your team ‘s average 200 meter split? How fast were they in the first half of the race as opposed to the second half?
In the results I’ve provided you get all that, and more.
You also get a list of everyone who ran, in order of their fastest 200. And in order of their fastest 1600. Plus all the fastest times and splits, and combinations of splits, for the day. There is also a list of the fastest Redondo runners in the 200 meter and combined splits categories going back to 2008 when I started timing this meet. Then there are the All Time Lists for both boys and girls individual times. And at the very end is the Sub 4-Minute Mile Club, a list of all the times since 2008 where the combined 8 X 200 meter splits (1600 meters) total less than 4 minutes. This year we have 13 new members in the club. Congratulations.
Chloe Curtis still owns all four split and combined split records, but Evan Malone has edged out class of 2010’s Simon Schermerhorn for three of his four records, including the 1600 meter time. In all, there are 14 new names on the girls All Time Lists, and 11 new names on the boys All Time Lists (plus the 13 new members of the Sub 4-Minute Mile Club, four of whom have made the top 10).
And of course, the highlight of the meet was the Boys A-Team of Evan Malone, Garrett Klatte, Tyler Caracoza, Jordan Washington and Dezhan Bland, who not only took first place in the A-Race, but also broke the meet record, turning in the first sub 19-minute time ever, with a 18:58.2 official clocking. With Peninsula in second with 19:07.0, perhaps our dual meet with them could be more competitive than usual. Or not.
Our girls B-Team, consisting of Anique Villegas, Olivia Loveland, Pammie Sherman, Alexis Thibodeau and Brenna Sopp won the B-Race in 22:17.0.
Interestingly, the boys C-Team and B-Team ran almost the same time in different races, 19:59.2 to 19:59.6 (with the boys B-Team placing 3rd a little behind the D-Team’s 2nd place in 20:09.16). Similarly, the girls C-Team and D-Team ran 24:19.2 to 24:20.8, also in different races, both taking 7th place.
In a hard fought A-Race, the girls A-Team took second, as a surprisingly strong St. Mary’s team was able to out last them 21:17.1 to our 21:28.4 (6th fastest time in meet history). Redondo won that race last year with a slower 21:40.0 time. Corona’s A-Team was a distant third with 22:07.5.
Note that the times and splits were originally taken with two digit decimal places, but the Excel worksheet that does the calculations only provides one decimal place, so even though the exact time was entered, there is some rounding and so some of the totals appear to be off a little. I did show the top 200 meter split times in the All Time Lists with their two digit decimal places, but everywhere else the time display needs to be in the one decimal format Excel makes available, in order for the math to work properly.
Next up is the Redondo Union All Comers Meet February 12th at Sea Hawk Bowl. See you all there!

Doug Boswell
Timing~Results~Records/Stats Division
RUHS XC/Track Boosters Club

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