Sat. March 26th Track Meets Information

RUHS Track Team will be competing in two different meets this Sat. March 26th
1) Meet of Champions at Azuza Pacific
2) Mira Costa High School in the Mustang Relays
Not all athletes will be competing this weekend as in all invitational’s each team entered in the Mustang Relays is only allowed a limited number of entries.  Those athletes competing on Saturday were determined by previous meet results. Athletes not competing on Saturday will be informed on Thursday and Friday.
Information for the Meet of Champions at Azuza Pacific:
~BUS LEAVES: 6:00am. SHARP from RUHS Student Parking Lot on Diamond St
~BUS RETURNS: after the last race close to 10:00 pm.
~To view or print Meet Schedule for Meet of Champions click this link Meet of Champions Schedule
~To view or print Seeding for Meet of Champions click this link  Seeding for Meet of Champions
~To print Alternate Transportation Form click this link Alternative Transportation Form
~For this meet only, the coaches will allow athletes who choose to leave with their parents after all their races have finished, ONLY with the Alternate Transportation Form (click link above to print) completed and turned into Coach Ferron at the meet. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. No athletes are allowed to drive themselves or other athletes to or home from the meet, they are only allowed to leave with parents.

Information for Mustang Relays at Mira Costa:
~All athletes must be at Mira Costa HS Track by 8:30 am.
~The meet ends at 5:00 pm.
~There will be no bus transportation to this meet so parents will need to drop off their athlete at Mira Costa HS.
~To view or print Meet Schedule for the Mustang Relays click this link Mustang Relays Meet Schedule

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