RACE INFO – Friday, Sept 1 – Saddleback Cup, Trabuco Hills High School

Our first meet of the season is upon us!  Please see below details:
Meet:  Saddleback Cup, Trabuco Hills
Location:  Trabuco Hills High School, 27501 Mustang Run, Mission Viejo, CA
Date:  Friday, Sept. 1
Time:  6:15pm-9:15pm (Yay!  Cooler temperatures!)
BUS MEET TIME:  3:00pm*  RUHS Parking lot
*It is up to YOUR ATHLETE to let teacher(s) know of early dismissal for XC events.  Any work/tests will need to be coordinated with teacher(s) PRIOR to event.
New Parents/Athletes:  
  • Athletes are expected to take the team bus(es) to and from meets.  Alternative transportation MUST BE APPROVED by the Coach PRIOR to the date of the event.  Please print the attached form should your athlete require alternate transportation.
  • Many athletes choose to wear uniforms and/or warm ups to school on race days.  However, this is optional, but uniforms must be worn when meeting the bus.
  • Especially on these hot days, please make sure your athlete packs extra hydration and/or snacks.  Many times, there is quite a bit of time between bus departure from school and the actual event time and as you know, these kids can get extra hungry/thirsty!
Please forward any questions to this email address.
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