Important Info: Woodbridge Invitational, Saturday, Sept 16

This weekend we will be attending the Woodbridge Cross Country Classic in the Great Park in Irvine, CA. This is a very exciting meet with fantastic competition for all our levels. While this will be a thrilling experience for our athletes there are a few things parents should know about attending. Think of this meet as if someone were attending a festival seating outdoor concert. Parking, water, food, time all should be taken into account.

Saturday we will leave the RUHS Senior parking lot at 1:00pm by bus. Our last race will be 9:14pm. We will leave the Great Park in Irvine at approximately 9:50pm 

Those family and friends planning to attend should be aware of the parking arrangements arranged with the Great Park. TO PARK AT THE EVENT, YOU MUST PURCHASE PARKING ($20) IN ADVANCE ONLINE here:  If you exit the freeway and enter a line for one of the Parking lots you will be turned away if you do not have a pass. You may park in the neighborhoods nearby just be prepared to walk a bit. Either way, budget your time.  The meet directors advise giving yourselves up to an extra hour if you choose not to park in the lots.
Here is a link to the map of the parking lots:
Spectator and bus parking:
Our team will be racing Saturday Sept 16th in the Blue Division. There are several races going on constantly so it may be confusing. Here is a link to the Meet Schedule. Please do not confuse our Saturday schedule with the Friday schedule.
Here is a link to the course map:
All results, videos, and photos will be posted at this website: and
The results will be live and show 1-mile, 2-mile splits and finish times and places. This link will allow you to follow the action as it occurs:
There will be food trucks and places to refill water bottles. I recommend Athletes also bring snacks or something light to eat. 
This season is running about 20 degrees cooler than last year. Once the sun sets the temperature will drop a bit. We are asking the kids to bring their team jackets or something warm that is red. 
Hope to see you all out there supporting and cheering on the amazing athletes.
Go Seahawks!
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