Letter Writing Campaign Update

The Cross Country and Track & Field funds are combined in the Booster Club.

If you did the letter drive in the Cross Country season you do not need to do this again.

Because of our new all-weather field and required new equipment, and the year coming to an end our funds are running low. Many athletes participate in other sports, but Track & Field requires funding too.

Hear are a few options that may make your participation easier.

1) Our first choice was the Letter Drive: it requires the students themselves to raise the funds instead of the parents giving money. The goal is for each athlete to send out 10 letters, and pay for 20 stamps (out going and return envelope) asking for as little as $10 each (that would bring in $100 per athlete). They should have a stamp on the outside and one on the return envelope, also make sure to write a small note under “my personal goal is…” so that people will know who sent them the letter. Click here for Letter drive form

2) If you have sent addresses to people before for another sport you could purchase a hurdle or starter block. Our old equipment was designed for a dirt track. The hurdles and blocks cost a $100 or more each. Return the attached PDF flyer in and envelope to Mrs Ferrons Letter Drive Box. See on the flyer family name or business recognition. A business donation will go towards your athlete participation. Click here for  hurdle flyer

3) Or you could send a straight dollar amount donation in an envelope with child names to Mrs. Ferrons Letter Drive Box.

For those athletes who brought home letter brochures to address already, return them to Mrs. Ferrons Letter Drive Box with your name on them to get credit, If you did not get any to send out yet, someone will bring more on Tuesday at the beginning of 6th period during roll call, or email Cathy Herold at [email protected] or phone  (310) 316-7227 to get some letters/brochures.

Cathy Herold, Track/XC Booster Club Committee

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