State of the Union (Redondo)

State of the Union (Redondo)

It was just a few short years ago that things were much different for the Track teams at Redondo Union. The thought of a Sea Hawk making it to a Bay League final event was usually reserved for the very, very select few. And any dreams of advancing on to CIF were usually just that, dreams. Even though Redondo was added to the Bay League in 2004 there was never any intention of allowing us to host the League Finals. We simply were not trusted with that responsibility. This year we were given the opportunity and showed the entire state how far our little program has come. 

Clearly the results of last weeks Bay League Finals speaks for themselves:  Redondo Union has produced 14 League Champions. Additionally, 16 placed second and 14 placed third. That is 44 top-three places! After a long season of progressively better performances, our athletes established 44 PRs (personal records) in finals events, many surpassing the PRs they achieved in the Prelims. And many of those marks are ranked among the elite in CIF and the States best. On top of that our girls varsity were the regular season Bay League Champions for the first time in over 30 years!

Our coaching staff has evolved into one of the most respected groups anywhere. Other schools coaches are always asking me “what is your sprint coach doing with this kid or that kid” or “what a difference that throws coach of yours has made, in one year Redondo takes half the spots in the girls throws?”.  As a result we not only one of the best boys and girls teams in the country but we are the most balanced. 

But one piece in the puzzle that is often overlooked is the involvement of the parents, primarily the Boosters. The 2010 Bay League Track and Field finals was a first class event in every way possible. It was superbly run and well organized. Other schools parents constantly approached me and said this was the best Bay League track meet they ever attended. “Can the Redondo parents come speak to our parents on how to properly host a meet” was brought up by parents and coaches alike. Many of the athletes commented on how nice the volunteers were “no one yelled at me for standing in the wrong spot or checking in late”, was one comment shared by many. And our parents in the stands were terrific at supporting the sea of red on the track and in the fields. Alway cheering for our kids and never against another school. It is the kind of class and dignity that was displayed on the fields of competition by our athletes. They learned it from their parents. I have stated a number of times with the support of the parents we truly are a track family. And that was very evident throughout this 2010 season. The greatest track season in the history of our proud high school.

Go Sea Hawks!

Bob Leetch

2 thoughts on “State of the Union (Redondo)”

  1. I was never into sports as a kid, I played the flute, and marched in the Rose Parade twice (thru the PCC Marching Band). Never in my life, did I ever think I’d have a kid who was so into RUNNING. It’s a “Bob Thing”. “What ever Bob says, just do it!” “Follow that man”… these are comments from my kid.

    As a parent, I want my kid to be physically healthy and to have heathy relationships. The organization that the staff (ALL OF ‘EM) have provided, has brought smiles to all the kids (and their parents), that have been touched by their leadership and their examples.

    Thank you for all of your efforts and support. I am available ANY TIME to volunteer wherever there is a need. No questions, I am there, COACHES, to support you.

    Thank you, so very very much,
    Craig Levine

  2. Bob, thanks for the awesome state of the (Redondo) Union. You already know how I feel about everything you have accomplished and how proud I am that our family can be a part of all this. No need to re-post my FB comments here. Everything I feel in my heart has already been said.

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