The 2010 Track & Field Event Rankings & the PR List

Now posted in the Meet Results section to the right, you can find three new items. They are:

1)  The 2010 Ranked Individual Performance Lists per Event
2)  The 2010 Ranked Relays Performance Lists per Event
3)  The 2010 Seasonal Personal Records per Athlete

These lists of performance marks by the 2010 Redondo Union High School Track & Field Teams are compiled from events which took place at this year’s competitions, including pre-season meets, league meets, relay meets, invitationals and post-league CIF meets. Every mark recorded for every athlete is included. These times, heights and distances represent an almost complete set of home meet, relay meet, invitational and post-league performances (including heats). Unfortunately, most of the away meets only reported the top three finishers in an event and sometimes reported them without a time, or other relevant data. Additionally, the results of the Beverly Hills dual meet are not included, as they were not available.

The event rankings include each individual’s name, the date of the performance and the meet where it occurred. There are separate lists for marks obtained in Frosh-Soph and Varsity competitions, as well as for boys teams and girls teams, making for a potential of four lists per event.

The seasonal PR list includes the 2010 PRs of each individual for every event they competed in that was reported, and the dates of those performances.

In many instances, results of relays do not include individual names. Relay results that reference an A Team, B Team, etc., indicate that multiple Redondo Union teams were in the same race.

In deciding what data should be included in these lists, some editing was done. All DNFs and DQs were removed. Team members whose marks did not appear in the recorded results were removed from the list rather than show them with no marks. Marks were retained in instances where they were attributed to Redondo Union athletes, but there were no names associated with them.

Although this set of lists is extensive, it is not complete. However, I believe it is very representative of both the high quality of the Redondo Union teams, and also of each individual on these teams. I apologize that I have surely missed some top marks and PRs, and am happy to make additions and corrections per your requests.

Doug Boswell
[email protected]
Team Statistician

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