X Country Practice for Week of August 2-6

It’s hard to believe that two weeks of our x country summer camp are already over.  Everyone is doing such a great job and are improving in their fitness level each day.  We are so please that you have all joined our SeaHawk Cross Country Family.  Next week Coach Bob and Coach Ferron will be at the Big Bear High Altitude Camp with our returning x country members.  Practice will still be held next week for all those runners not attending the High Altitude Camp.

Monday-Wednesday Practice will be run by two graduating seniors who have been working out with our team all summer, Chloe Curtis and Michelle Pittman.  Chloe is the state champion in the 1600 meter and will be attending Washington this year and running on their team.  Michelle Pittman will be attending UCLA in the fall and also be running with the Bruins.  Practice on Thurday and Friday will be run by Kirsten Leetch (Bob’s wife) who is one of the coaches.  Practice each day will begin at 7:30AM as usual at Veteran’s Park and will get over about the same time as last week.  Coach Bob and I expect everyone to attend each day and continue the great progression and attitude that you have shown so far.

Some of you have emailed me that you are going on vacation.  Have a great time but work on keeping up with your push ups, sit ups and running. You should try to run between 45-60 minutes each day.

Have a great week and we will see you again on August 9!
Coach Ferron

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