Results: Annual RUHS Alumni XC Race

The results for this year’s Alumni Cross Country Race are now posted in the Meet Results section to the right. You will find the link at the bottom of the Meet Results page, click on it, and it will take you to the results in pdf file format. Note that, depending on your computer, the display may be very large, so adjust it to a smaller size for easier viewing. I prefer 75%.
The score at the top of the page shows that our current team swept the first 5 places, scoring 15 points to the aging alumni’s 104. Yes, it was a massacre. All I can say, is that I hope you kids treat your parents better than you treated these doddering, slow moving alums.
The results include the placing of each individual, their name, and their race time. Also, there is a column titled “Seconds Back”, that shows how many seconds each person was behind the race winner, Tyler Caracoza.
Additionally, since this was a short 2.8 mile course, there is a column titled “Conversion to 3 Mile Time”, that shows what your time would have been had you run this same pace for a full 3 miles. In calculating this time, it was necessary to display it across 3 columns, caluclating the minutes seperately from the seconds, as Excel does not do the kind of math needed to display the converted time as a time. Excel also does not display whole numbers with a zero in front of them. As a result, you will see that all the times in this column with the seconds lower than 10, display as a single number, for example a 19:03 time displays as 19:3. Everything else looks like a real time.
The 7 alumni (actually, 6 alumni and one ringer) are highlighted in bold text to make them easier to find, and their post-Redondo Union school is listed in the far right column.
All told, it was a very nice day to have a cross country race and sell food to Pop Warner Football parents. The results show that the 2010 season is definitely underway and based on today’s promising performances, this promises to be another fine year in the rise of Redondo Union as a dominate cross country power.
Next up, in 2 weeks on Saturday September 11th, the Great Cow Run. The gun goes off for the first race at 8:00 AM. See you all there.
-Doug Boswell ~ XC Information Director
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