Results: Bay League XC Finals

The Redondo Union results & stats for the Bay League Finals, held on Thursday November 4th, are now posted in the Meet Results section on the right. Or, to go straight to the results sheet, click here

The Timing Team would like to express our appreciation for all those that have been assisting in the Results & Stats project. This week Redondo XC alum Pat Hebert, Bubba’s mom Heather Robinson, Alex Guzman’s mom (and Pier-to-Pier swim finisher) Heidi Heflin, Alex Hansen’s Mom Dawn Hansen, and Daniel Nunes’ mom Shirley Otsubo, helped with taking times and making up the lists of runners as they went by the mile and 2-mile marks. The support we received from the XC runners themselves, especially at the finish line, was crucial to making this work. Thanks for pitching in where you could Cole, Vera, Laura, Sebastian, and all the rest. I know I always leave a few out, but just know that you all have my thanks and gratitude.

You can read a very similar version of the varsity girls race, excerpted from the much, much longer meet summary below in the story posted on Redondo Beach Patch here The Patch editor changed the title, as she often does, and this time I found it to be more than a bit on the harsh side, so I’m disavowing it. But the article is still mine and it includes a number of pictures not on the site just yet, as well as some great shots by Laurie Baker, and ElCo coach Dean Lofgren.

Many more pictures from the meet can be found on the Booster Club website in the Meet Photos section by clicking here and following the links to the pictures for the Bay League Finals.

For the full official meet results, posted on the ESPN Rise website, click here


Varsity Girls Race: Win Streak Ends in Upset by Mira Costa

In the hot still air that baked the hills above Lunada Bay up on the Palos Verdes peninsula, the Mira Costa varsity girls cross country team pulled off the upset of the 2010 season, handing Redondo Union their only loss of the year. The strong finishing Costa girls were able to break up the Redondo pack, putting all five scoring runners ahead of the third Sea Hawk, to win the last of the three Bay League meets, and secure the league title.

Savanna Pio’s come-from-behind first place finish put her right were everyone expected. But it was the exceptional performances by her next four teammates that won the race, as Jenna Tong led that group through the finish line with an eight second spread.

From the start the Redondo girls ran their typical race, straight to the front, all together in their usual pack formation. About 1/3 of a mile into the race the course leaves the dirt road and heads up Via Coronel, referred to as Sidewalk Hill, along the north side of the park area. The lead pack includes the Redondo six and three others, Mira Costa’s Pio and Aryn Foland, plus Palos Verdes’ Erica Capellino. Two more Costa girls led the chase pack a few seconds back.

When the course drops back down into the park after the half-mile mark, it follows a single-track trail before widening as it passes through the trees and brush paralleling a gully heading westward back into view of the spectators. The narrow pathway has forced the lead pack to squeeze down and stretch out.

As they make a sharp right turn and head up Forest Hill it’s Redondo’s Cara Ulizio in the lead, followed by Rachel Bush, Lyndsey Mull, Pio, Capelliano, Foland, and the rest of Redondo girls. At the top of the hill they pass through the mile mark, again forced into single file by a hundred meters of narrow, slippery wet footpath, with a steep drop-off on the left.

Coming back down the ravine, but on the other side of the gully this time, the course loops around to the south along PV Drive West, then begins the climb up the aptly named Agony Hill. Ulizio still leads, and although Pio is, at first, dogging her by less than a stride, she begins to pull away as they move up the steep incline. A few steps back is Bush. In the chase pack, Capelliano is leading Tong, Redondo’s Kelly Ryan, Mira Costa’s Kelli Sugimoto and Vivien Cherrette, then Redondo’s Kayla Ferron, Foland and Redondo’s Laura O’Neill. For the first time this year, Costa has more than two runners ahead of Redondo’s scoring five.

The crowd has lined the pathway and the cheering is loud and continuous. It’s quite possible that all that noise doesn’t even register with these runners, as they are all dialed in and focused on getting over this hill, a hill that gets steeper with every meter. And when they get to the top they are still just short of the two-mile mark.

The next time the race comes into view, the runners are coming back down Sidewalk Hill, striding out and making the most of the last steep downhill. As they move back into the park and head east for one final loop up and back along the gully, they have a half-mile to go. Ulizio is still in the lead, but now by about thirty yards over Pio. Bush is at least 50 meters back, but looking comfortably ahead of a pack of four Costa girls and Capelliano. Almost 30 seconds back are the rest of the Redondo girls, strung out further apart than they’ve been seen this season; their race has come unraveled and they’ve lost contact with the group in front of them.

The final stretch on this course is a long, slightly downhill dirt road that emerges from the ravine that holds the gully, a little more than 150 meters from the finish line. Pio appears first, and all alone. Somewhere back in the ravine, in that last third of a mile she has executed a move of pure strength and determination to pull past Ulizio and win the race with a time of 19:12. Thirteen seconds back its Ulizio in second with 19:25. And then up the road Bush appears, striding for the finish line to take third in 19:48, unaware that the group of four from Mira Costa are closing behind her.

Then, PV’s Capelliano bursts through the green Costa pack and the race is on again. They all shift into high gear, sprinting for the finish line. Only Tong is able to make a decent show of it, but Capelliano’s speed puts her in front to take fourth place. Both her and Tong finish in 19:50, with the rest following through over the next eight seconds.

Half a minute later, four more Redondo runners take 9th through 12th place, with 14 seconds between them. Their 7th girl, teammate Anique Villegas, comes in 15th. Putting seven in the top 15 is usually a race winner, but when another team puts five ahead of your 3rd, well, there’s no beating that.

Mira Costa’s low score of 27 gave them 1st place, Redondo was 2nd with 35 points, Palos Verdes was 3rd with 72, Peninsula was 4th with 111, and West jogged through for 5th with 120 points.

Yes, that Bay League is one heck of a tough league. Recently ranked the toughest league in CIF Southern Section for girls team competition with four state ranked teams, two of which are nationally ranked. It is also ranked the toughest league for individual competition with five girls ranked in the top 10 in the state, plus last year’s State Division 3 champ, Rebecca Mehra of Palos Verdes, who did not run in this meet to better prepare for CIF Prelims coming up on November 13th.

Varsity Boys Race: The Bay League is a Tough Town

The varsity boys race started with Palos Verdes’ Justin Unno and Jonah Diaz, joined by Peninsula’s Reo Lavertu and Gabriel Michaels, going to the front and leading the field out along the dirt road that begins the course. The Redondo team pulled in right behind them, and just ahead of Mira Costa. West went straight to the back, formed their own pack, ran their own race, and have never been seen nor heard from since. Sort of.

Even as they started up Sidewalk Hill, the lead pack, though a little stretched out, still contained 15 runners; 6 PV, 4 Redondo, 3 Mira Costa and 2 Peninsula. Approaching the half-mile mark, all the main players were maintaining contact.

The run up Forest Hill to the one-mile mark put Peninsula’s Lavertu in front with a small lead. Next came Redondo’s Caracoza with a similar small lead over PV’s Unno. The hill and its single-track trail had definitely stretched out the front end of the lead pack. Some seven seconds behind Caracoza three more Redondo runners, Dezhan Bland, Eric Malone-White and Patrick Borgerding came through the mile mark in a closely bunched line. Soon, most of the rest of the field streamed through with Redondo’s remaining three runners, Nick Herold, Garrett Klatte and Alec Guzman, near the front.

Coming out of the gully ravine, the field had stretched out even more as the runners followed the long loop around to the west and then south along PV Drive West. Lavertu had a nice lead over Diaz and Unno with Caracoza and Mira Costa’s Adam Perez still in contact as they started up Agony Hill. The field had stretched out to a long line with a few breaks in it. Three PV and one Peninsula runner were ahead of Bland and the rest of the Redondo team was further back.

The two-mile mark saw the main Redondo pack some 35 seconds behind Caracoza, with Bland, Malone-White, Borgerding and Herold passing through at right about twelve minutes. Just five seconds back were Klatte and Guzman for an eleven second spread from second man Bland to seventh man Guzman.

But in the third mile, Redondo’s grouping shifted, highlighted by Bland breaking away and Klatte moving up. With a half-mile to go the leaders were well out in front, with PV and Peninsula well positioned. It was unlikely that the final outcome would change much from there.

In the approximately one third of a mile, where the last part of the course sends the runners disappearing up one side of the gully ravine and back down the other to reappear about 150 meters from the finish, PV’s Unno passed teammate Diaz and Peninsula’s Lavertu, and pulled away to win the race in 16:35, a 14 second margin over second place Diaz.

A visibly exhausted Lavertu took third in 16:53 with PV’s Daniel Rieger in fourth with 17:01. Redondo’s Caracoza finished 5th, all alone, in 17:11, with teammate and number two-man Bland taking 12th in 17:44. The next Redondo runners came through in 16th through 18th, with the fast closing Klatte catching teammates Borgerding and Malone-White right at the finish line. Although not quite tied, all three were clocked in 17:53. Redondo’s Guzman, running a very even paced race throughout, finished 22nd in 18:01, with Nick Herold taking 25th in 18:31 to round out the rest of the Redondo team.

PV’s low score of 20 points gave them 1st place. Peninsula, improving dramatically over their previous two showings took 2nd with 46 points. Redondo was 3rd with 68, Mira Costa was 4th with 99, and West who had already pre-qualified for a spot in the CIF Prelms next week opted to just go through the motions and save themselves for a try at the state meet, placed 5th with 134 points.

Junior Varsity Girls: Impressive Comeback Wins the Day

Alexis Thibodeau accelerated off the starting line and assumed the point position to lead the field in the junior varsity girls race down the dirt road that is the opening stretch of this, one of the toughest cross country courses in California. Her Redondo teammates fell in behind her, creating a red stripe of runners along the left, in contrast to the green of Mira Costa on the right.

At the start of the climb up Sidewalk Hill along Via Coronel, Thibodeau held the lead. A pack was already separating from the main field, when Mira Costa’s Amanda Zendejas, fourth back, began pushing the hill. Before they disappeared around the bend and out of sight, she was the new leader. Behind her followed Redondo’s Thibodeau, Olivia Loveland, Mira Costa’s Gabby Armato, and Redondo’s Pammie Sherman and Brenna Sopp. There wasn’t much of a chase pack behind them for quite some ways, just a string of runners in ones and twos.

As the leaders emerged from the gully ravine, coming back into view of the spectators, it was Thibodeau back in the lead, with Loveland on her shoulder and Zendejas a mere stride behind. They were now the lead pack.

Going up Forest Hill, Loveland makes a bold move and begins to pull away, negotiating the steep dirt pathway that narrows to a single-track trail and becomes slippery as it turns to hard-packed mud passing under the shade of the hillside’s trees. At the top, the one-mile mark, she is all alone. Next, 15 seconds back, is Thibodeau followed by Zendejas. The lead pack has evaporated with the top three all spread out.

Five seconds later the first pack of runners comes through, tightly bunched and in single file. They are Redondo’s Pammie Sherman, then teammates Brenna Sopp and Elizabeth de la Torre, followed by Mira Costa’s Armato and Christine Inouye, with West’s Megan Finkenbeiner at the end of the string.

Shortly after the mile-mark, the course drops down into the ravine again and parallels the gully until it dumps the runners out into a wide grass field, heading towards PV Drive West. Loveland still has a solid lead. Sherman, de la Torre and Sopp worked the downhill well, and have moved up to just a couple seconds behind Zendejas, and have also put a nice gap between themselves and Inouye and Finkenbeiner.

On Agony Hill, Loveland continues to run her own race. Thibodeau has taken over second position and owns it. In third is de la Torre.  Sopp makes it four Sea Hawks in the top four places. However, Inouye, who now has moved up to take over the lead Mira Costa position, is right on her shoulder.

At the two-mile mark Loveland has increased her lead to twenty seconds over second place Thibodeau. Eight seconds later de la Torre and Sopp come through with Inouye. Agony Hill has put fifth-girl scorer Sherman 24 seconds back.

A half mile later, as the runners come back into view, Loveland’s lead has shrunk to half as Thibodeau, with Inouye right behind her, comes flying down Sidewalk Hill. They make the sharp, banked left turn that drops them down off the street onto the dirt road and back up into the ravine. West’s Finkenbeiner is only six or seven seconds back.

The view of the finishing stretch coming out of the ravine often comes with surprises as the runners have been out of sight for a third of a mile. Was it really a surprise that Loveland, having run the race of her life, much of it out in front and all alone, was heavy with the pain and exhaustion of this tough three-mile course? Was it a surprise that Inouye, who’d been moving up steadily over the second half of the race, continued to do so, and had been able to pass first Thibodeau and then Loveland to emerge first from the ravine?

Mira Costa’s Inouye took 1st place in 21:51, three seconds ahead of a fully spent Loveland whose 2nd place produced a 21:54 time. Third appeared to be going to West’s Finkenbeiner who had also moved up dramatically back in the ravine. But it was soon apparent that Redondo’s Thibodeau wasn’t ready to call it a day. From some 15 meters back, she unleashed a wicked-fast kick that continued to build speed and blew her right past Finkenbeiner, snatching away 3rd place, with two seconds to spare, in a time of 21:57 to 21:59.

Redondo took the next three places. In 5th was de la Torre, who ran a strong final mile to put over half a minute between her and the Costa girls that had been dogging her on Agony Hill. Her time was 22:27. 6th went to Sopp whose gutsy and steady determination paid off with a 22:46 finishing time. In 7th was Pammie Sherman who re-grouped after a devastating run-in with Agony Hill, by willing herself back into the race, working the downhill and putting the agony behind her to pull away from Mira Costa’s second-girl, Zendejas by four seconds in a time of 22:56. Following Zendejas’ 8th place in 23:00 were 2 more Costa runners to round out the top ten.

But the race wasn’t over for the 40 runners still out on the course. They continued to appear at the mouth of the ravine and stream down the trail into the finishing chute every few seconds. A group of four, loosely packed, came out of the ravine and began to pick up speed with the finish in sight. Then, from behind, Redondo’s Jessie Baker went wide, onto the grass, and started to pull past her teammates Erin South and Eva Pace. Next, she passed West’s Katherine Duan. Now, at a full on sprint she caught PV’s Aleen Gordon and then Peninsula’s Yurika Yoneda, who put up a brief fight before also being passed, to move up six places in the final 150 meters to take 20th in 24:33.

Putting all five scoring runners in the top seven places cinched the win for the Redondo girls with a low score of 23 to Mira Costa’s 41. Palos Verdes took 3rd with 72 points, Peninsula was 4th with 104, and West was 5th with 122.

Frosh Boys Race: Three for Three, by the Skin of their Teeth

Palos Verdes’ Miles Irish and Lucas Robinson moved to the front of the field at the start of the Frosh Boys race. Redondo’s Will Tait, Dustin Herold, Tomohiro Yamaya and Takehiro Yamaya fell in right behind them. A dozen or so spectators sprayed bottled water over the runners as they ran by, in a well-meaning attempt to provide some relief from the heat that had drained the strength from so many runners in the previous races.

Going up Sidewalk Hill, the field had broken down into a pack of five, with Irish and Robinson up front and Tait, Herold and Takehiro Yamaya no more than a few strides back. Disconnected from the lead group were Tomohiro Yamaya and a runner from Peninsula.

Forest Hill, leading up to the one-mile mark didn’t provide any change in position among the top runners. The PV two had widened their lead over the Redondo three, with Tomohiro six seconds back, and still being followed by the same runner from Peninsula and now one from West too. Redondo fifth-man Tyler Bird was half a minute back and leading a string of teammates behind him up the slippery single-track trail, including Robert Meadows, Ahmad Kabbani, Paul Bodin and Tanner Childs.

Coming off the trail alongside PV Drive West, Irish and Robinson had increased their lead. Tait was following Peninsula’s Alexander Mendoza, and the two began to separate from the all-Redondo chase pack, which now consisted of Takehiro, Tomohiro and Herold. On the way up Agony Hill, Tait passed Mendoza, and shortly after, approaching the two-mile mark, Herold moved ahead of the Yamaya brothers.

As they came back into view on Sidewalk Hill, Irish was leaving teammate Robinson behind, who now had Tait gaining on him. Dropping back down onto the dirt road for the final loop thorough the ravine, Herold ate up Mendoza’s lead in no time and left him in the dust. The Yamaya brothers hit the dirt road next and headed for the ravine with West’s John Corredor eating up ground fast and easily passing Peninsula’s Go Hirano.

Emerging from the ravine, PV’s Irish dashed through the finish line in 1st place timed in 17:50, a new frosh course record. Teammate Robinson took 2nd in 18:22, out lasting Redondo’s fast closing Tait. Herold’s 18:36 gave Redondo the 3rd place points. West’s Corredor really worked that last half-mile as he moved up from 9th to 5th place in 18:40. Peninsula’s Mendoza finished 6th in 18:42, Redondo’s Tomohiro Yamaya took 7th in 18:49, Peninsula’s Hirano was 8th in 18:50, Redondo’s Takehiro Yamaya was 9th in 18:54. It was then a big gap to PV’s Jacob Diamond who finished 10th in 19:33. Redondo’s scoring fifth-man, Tyler Bird finished 14th in 19:46.

This was such a close race between PV and Redondo that no one could call it from watching the finish. Trying to count up the points to get an unofficial score, several at the finish line just said it’s to close to be sure, but it may well have gone to Redondo. The guestimate was confirmed as the official results came in; Redondo boys in 1st with 37 points to PV’s 39. With this win, Redondo swept all three Bay League meet races.

Peninsula was 3rd with 62, West was 4th with 99, and Mira Costa was 5th with 135.

Frosh Girls Race: A Pleasant Surprise at the End of a Long Hot Day

The Redondo frosh girls team was the surprise of the day. West runners Hannah Griffie and Susie Hong, set the fast pace early and stretched out the field even before they reached the first hill. Regardless, Redondo’s lead runners were in contact with the main chase pack going up Sidewalk Hill.

Forest Hill saw the field string out even more, but Redondo’s Siena Hsu was still in good position and looking strong. Teammate Mikela Bettes was twelve seconds back, but only a few places. Most of the field was still struggling up Forest Hill as Redondo’s third-girl, Vera Gold reaches the one-mile mark 25 seconds back. Even as Redondo’s fourth and fifth scoring girls, Jenna Marshall and Angelina Verduzco, came through, only West had more than 3 runners in front of them. So, after the first mile the Sea Hawks were in position to improve their team place over the previous two Bay League meets.

The next hill, Agony Hill, was what really stretched out the field, but at the same time provided the means by which several Redondo runners were able to move up in position.

As the leaders came down Sidewalk Hill and started on the final half-mile loop up the ravine and back, it was obvious that West would win this one, as they had in the previous Bay League meet. But it was hard to tell if Redondo was ahead of the Mira Costa team, which had won the first Bay League meet and placed second in the second meet. And PV looked to be in hunt too.

As the girls came out of the ravine and headed for the finish line it was Hannah Griffie well out in front who took 1st in 21:51. Her teammate Susie Hong finished 2nd in 22:08, and Skyler Thiel of PV took 3rd in 22:34. 4th went to Mira Costa’s Kellie Jeong in 22:40, 5th to West’s 3rd girl Roxanne Laveaga in 22:49. Redondo’s Hsu took 6th in 23:10, followed by teammate Bettes in 7th with 23:33. The next three places went to West, as Megan Kane and Ayumi Yuki streamed through in 23:41, and Emma Carley was right behind in 23:45.

Redondo’s other scoring runners were Vera Gold in 12th with 24:01, Jenna Marshall in 16th with 24:34, and Angelina Verduzco in 24th with 25:37.

Honorable mention goes to Bridget Boyle for her strong finish, sprinting past teammates Zoe Gantner, Lara Jolicoeur and Abby Connelly and providing some real excitement late in the race. All four girls finished within three seconds of each other.

In the final standings, West dominated with a low score of 25 to take 1st. Redondo, after finishing 4th in the first Bay League meet and 3rd in the second, through hard work and steady improvement took 2nd place in the finals, well ahead of the favored teams from PV and Mira Costa who wound up 3rd with 84 points and 4th with 85 points respectively. Peninsula was 5th with 98 points.

The Novice Race: All the Ringers and Timing Problems in this Non-Scoring Race that Got Scored Anyway, Couldn’t Diminish the Gutsy Determination of these Fine Young Runners

Although the Redondo novice XC team is now down to just five runners, they all show promise in making the move next year to junior varsity. The purpose of this new non-scoring event, and it’s combined boys and girls division, is just that, to develop new runners in a race environment that gives them a taste of true competition that only comes from racing against one’s peers. The athletes that have started here all have shown that they have what it takes. Some have already moved up into scoring events. And in this, their last race of the season, those that ran in the league finals, on this rough and tough XC course have definitely passed muster.

As the race starts, Redondo’s Alison Humphrey takes the lead, with several boys from Mira Costa and Peninsula politely running along just behind her. Her teammates, taking up positions mid-pack, seem to be biding their time.

Through the mile mark, the first Redondo runner to make it up Forest Hill is Alex Hanson, followed by Cailin McMartin about 30 seconds back. Next are Claudia Mehranbod and Humphrey, about 10 seconds apart. Deric Ryan comes through as Redondo’s fifth-runner.

Agony Hill provides the day’s greatest challenge, as most of the field is reduced to walking as the incline becomes steeper. Here, McMartin catches Hanson and moves into first-runner position for Redondo. She is one of the few with the strength to run the hill. Humphrey is visibly in pain. The leg with the knee-brace doesn’t seem to be functioning properly. She does not stop. In previous years, I’ve seen varsity runners cry going up this hill. I’ve also seen the hill defeat runners, who stop and sit down, unable to continue. On this day, all of these five beat the hill.

Not far from the top of Agony Hill, at the two-mile mark, McMartin has pulled 72 seconds ahead of Hanson, another 35 seconds back is Mehranbod. About three minutes later, Humphrey and Ryan come through only nine seconds apart.

At the final stretch, where the trail comes out of the ravine for the final 150 meters down to the finish line, the runners are so spread out that most come through all alone. The lead runners were very far ahead of the Redondo team, and the finishing times were surprisingly fast for a novice race. It is apparent that most teams are loaded with ringers. Unfortunately this badly distorts the results. Added to that, there must have been some kind of mix-up with the person doing the timing, because most of the times for our runners are reported incorrectly. The bad news being that the correct times are actually slower than the reported times in the official results. Sorry, but the clock does not lie. At least mine doesn’t.

But in XC times are certainly secondary to running a good race and competing well against your rivals. So since I’ve adjusted the official times on the Results Report on our website to the correct times, I may as well also adjust the places. Starting with removing all the ringers.

So, everyone who finished with a time faster than the last finisher in the frosh race for their gender is disqualified. Frankly, I think anyone who finished within a minute of the last frosh time shouldn’t have been in this race. So they’re DQ’ed too. Next we must remove all the juniors in the race, because if you are a junior and still in the novice race you should be sent over to the badminton team. DQ. And if you are a senior in the novice race, well you probably showed up at badminton practice with mittens on. You’re DQ’ed too.

That leaves us with a true novice division race. In the official results, they separated this mixed race into a boys race and a girls race. With all the ringers removed, we now have Cailin McMartin moving up from 31st to 8th place with a time on 32:57. Alex Hanson moves up from 33rd to 10th in 33:20, showing an exceptionally fast 3rd mile split. Claudia Mehranbod moves up from 37th to 13th in 34:05. Deric Ryan moves up in the boys race from 24th to 11th in 38:57, and Alison Humphrey moves up from 46th to 17th in 42:13, finishing a race that obviously had much more than the usual suffering for her to overcome. Now that’s a fine showing.

The Junior Varsity Boys Race: Nobody Ever Said that Life was Fair… Same with JV Cross Country

Although there were some good individual performances, including some great finishing kicks, the Redondo junior varsity boys got the pants beat off them. Perhaps there should be no JV boys race, but rather, the field should be broken up into three or four races according to height. I’m not sure how that might change the outcome, but since under the current, apparently unfair system, we wound up last, it’s worth a try.

I had re-scored the race with only sophomores, but we only moved up from 5th to 4th. Interestingly though, West went from 1st to 5th. PV had the best advantage under the only-sophomores-count-for-scoring system as they went from 4th to 1st. Just think, the large Redondo freshman boys team will be all sophomores next year, and they won’t all make varsity. So I’m thinking we need to get this rule change in now before anyone has much time to think about it.

Or we could do the height idea.

Number Crunching Summary: As it turns out, Redondo won the overall Bay League Finals, plus more that comes out as we take a closer look at the numbers.

As the dust settles we find that Redondo had:

2 first place teams

2 second place teams

1 third place team

1 fifth place team

No other school won 2 championships.

Redondo had the most top ten finishers at the Bay League finals:

Rank School Top 10s
1st Redondo 16
2nd West 13
3rd Mira Costa 11
4th Palos Verdes 10
5th Peninsula 10

Redondo also had the most top ten finishers at the Bay League #1 meet:

Rank School Top 10s
1st Redondo 17
2nd Mira Costa 13
3rd Palos Verdes 12
4th West 10
5th Peninsula 8

Redondo also had the most top ten finishers at the Bay League #2 meet:

Rank School Top 10s
1st Redondo 14
2nd Palos Verdes 11
3rd Mira Costa 10
4th Peninsula 8
5th West 7

So, of course Redondo had the most top ten finishes in the combined three Bay League meets:

Rank School BL #1 BL #2 BL Finals Total
1st Redondo 17 14 16 47
2nd Mira Costa 13 10 11 34
3rd Palos Verdes 12 11 10 33
4th West 10 7 13 30
5th Peninsula 8 8 10 26

Yes, 47 top ten finishes!

If you add up all the team places for each team at each Bay League meet, Redondo is first with the low score at all three meets:

Bay League #1
Redondo Mira Costa Palos Verdes West Peninsula
Race 1st Place 2nd Place-tie 2nd Place-tie 2nd Place-tie 5th Place
Boys Varsity 2 5 1 4 3
Boys JV 5 3 4 2 1
Boys Frosh 1 5 2 4 3
Girls Varsity 1 2 4 3 5
Girls JV 1 2 4 3 5
Girls Frosh 4 1 3 2 5
Totals: 14 18 18 18 22
Bay League #2
Redondo West Palos Verdes Mira Costa Peninsula
Race 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place
Boys Varsity 2 2 1 5 4
Boys JV 5 2 3 4 1
Boys Frosh 1 4 2 5 3
Girls Varsity 1 3 4 2 5
Girls JV 1 4 3 1 5
Girls Frosh 4 1 4 2 5
Totals: 14 16 17 19 23
Bay League Finals
Redondo Palos Verdes Mira Costa Peninsula West
Race 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place
Boys Varsity 3 1 4 2 5
Boys JV 5 4 3 2 1
Boys Frosh 1 2 5 3 4
Girls Varsity 2 3 1 4 5
Girls JV 1 3 2 4 5
Girls Frosh 2 3 4 5 1
Totals: 14 16 19 20 21

So, of course, Redondo also has the low score when combining all three Bay League meets:

Combined Meet Totals
Redondo Palos Verdes West Mira Costa Peninsula
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place
Bay League #1 14 18 18 18 22
Bay League #2 14 17 16 19 23
Bay League Finals 14 16 21 19 20
Totals: 42 51 55 56 65

All told, the point is, that no matter how you look at it, in terms of winning and high placing teams, top ranked individuals, or consistency over the length of the season, Redondo Union was the dominant force in Bay League cross country this year.

Well done, Sea Hawks.

Next up is the CIF Southern Section Prelims at Mt. SAC next Saturday morning. Both boys and girls varsity teams have qualified and will be competing to advance to the CIF Southern Section Championships the following Saturday, also at Mt. SAC. From there, it’s on to the State Championships at Woodward Park in Fresno a week later.

Hope to see you all there.

Wear red, be loud, go Sea Hawks!

~ Doug Boswell ~ XC Information Director ~ [email protected]

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