Add to On behalf of the entire coaching staff,

Hello, Principal Little,

I know it has been several weeks since the Redondo Beach Nike Invitational Track Meet, but nevertheless, I have been meaning to send an e-mail to let you know that your school and your track parent volunteers hosted a WONDERFUL MEET! The event was truly festive. We especially loved the music that played all day; the great pop songs were loud enough to be enjoyed, but not so loud as to take away from the competition. Additionally, the snack shack food was AWESOME — the best I have ever tasted at a meet! Likewise, your parent volunteers were so friendly and well organized, and the presence of your ROTC students stirred our collective sense of patriotism.

It’s so rare to enjoy a “Small Town USA” atmosphere in the middle of greater LA these days, but on that day, in the stadium of your school, I and many other families found that “Small Town USA” spirit to be alive and well.

If you could please pass on our heartfelt thanks to your Track Team coaches, parents, and athletes, I would be most grateful.

Thank you,
Linda Krulac (parent)
Thousand Oaks High School

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