Parlauf Relays Results

The results for the Parlauf Relays, held Saturday February 4th at West LA College, are now posted in the Meet Results section which can be accessed by clicking the link in the side-bar on the right.

Another great pre-season start for the Sea Hawks as they begin their 2012 Track & Field season and quest for Bay League glory. This meet, which features just one race, run in four heats, can perhaps be best described as an intense interval workout turned into a race. It is composed of teams of five runners, each running a 200 meter interval, times eight. Yes, each team member runs that 200 eight times, for a total distance of 1,600 meters, and an 8,000 meter total distance per team.  

 As has been my practice since 2008, I have taken the forty 200-meter splits per team and compiled an extensive set of statistics and rankings which analyze the individual and team performances, ad nauseam. Ten teams, including the two teams that were made up of Gahr High School and Redondo Union runners, competed in this event. Out of those 50 runners and 400 splits, there are bound to be a few typos or other errors, so please contact me at [email protected] to report any corrections, and they will be made within a day or two.

Of the many outstanding efforts I’ll just point out a few of them here. Evan Malone-White set a new school record for the cumulative 1,600 meter time of 3:36.78, which anchored the Boys A-Team to a second place finish and new school record time of 18:53.6. Kayla Ferron’s 28.64 opening 200 meter split put her 4th on the All-Time list behind only Chloe Curtis’ three faster times. Amber Gore’s negative split second-800 meter cumulative time of 2:03.5 broke the old record by Chloe Curtis of 2:05.5 set in 2008, contributed to her 4:10.54 cumulative 1,600 meter time which landed her 5th on the All-Time list, and served to anchor the Girls B-Team to a first place finish in the Girls B-Race. The Sub-4 Minute Mile Club has ten new times added to bring the list to forty-nine 1,600 meter times under 4:00 since 2008. Several of our current team members now hold multiple spots on the list.

So, congratulations to all who ran themselves into and beyond total oxygen debt, you have shown what you are made of, and that you have what it takes to be champions.

Wear red. Be loud. So Sea Hawks!

 – Doug Boswell ~ RUHS Track & Field Booster Club


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