Bishop Amat Relays – Saturday 03/03/12

This Saturday March 3rd the RUHS Track and Field Teams will be attending the Bishop Amat Relays held at Citrus College. There will be sprint relays and distance relays as well as hurdles, distances, and a full schedule of field events. This is an exciting meet we hope to see a lot of RED out there cheering on the Sea Hawks!

CITRUS COLLEGE 1000 West Foothill Blvd., Glendora, 91741
It is about 47 miles away, to get there from the school click this link  MAP

There will be an admission fee for each spectator last year was $5.00 ea.

The meet will begin at 7:30am with the racing events and the field events begin at 8:00 am.
The meet should finish between 5-7pm depending how the schedule goes.
Meet Info link click  HERE  – Event Order click  Bishop Amat Event Order

Athletes should bring a sack lunch, snacks, water and if they like money for the snack bar.
Also athletes need to dress  in layers the weather will be cold, warm and maybe cold again by the end. Oh and don’t forget the sunscreen.

New Update Buses leave promptly at 6:15 am from the student parking lot on Diamond St. Don’t be Late the 1st race starts at 7:30am
The buses will return to the student parking lot on Diamond St at the conclusion of the meet.

Check back here thru out the week for any new updates!


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