A personal note to our families

The dust has settled, performances measured, sales counted and the responses from coaches noted. And the result is the 2012 Redondo Nike Track and Field Festive was an overwhelming success. The athletes had a tremendous weekend of exciting contests that produced 66 DyeStatElite marks. A DyeStatElite mark is a level of excellence set to compare marks around the country. Our meet produced the most of these marks of any meet in the state and the athletes performed under less than ideal conditions that made these more of a feat. Redondo athletes fared very well against many of the top kids in the state. Of the six-team trophies, the Seahawks kept half for their own trophy cases. The boys’ frosh-soph team won the overall. The girls’ varsity team won the Distance Carnival beating out distance powerhouse Simi Valley as well as the overall Invitational trophy beating the defending national champions, Long Beach Poly. This was a great spotlight for our track teams and they shined bright.

Throughout the two-day meet, I made every possible effort to contact every coach and thank him or her for attending. Most of the time they interrupted me and thanked us for hosting such a great meet for their kids. They spoke of how excited the kids were to run in such a unique meet and that this meet has been circled on their calendars early on.  Over and over I kept hearing about how nice it was that the volunteers were so helpful and friendly. Of course, because of the wet weather, it was a very difficult day for everyone on Saturday but the coaches, universally, thanked us for hosting the meet and not shutting down like the other meets. Many of the coaches I talked to talked about how important it was for their teams to get in competitions at this point of the season and that it would have been understandable to pack-it-in like the other seven meets that scratched that day but they were appreciative for the opportunity for their athletes to be able to compete.  Roger Evans, the coach at Simi Valley High School, stated, “I am so impressed with everything about this meet. It ran like clockwork, like you’ve been doing this for 50 years. And to get every event completed under these conditions is absolutely amazing. We’re definitely coming back next year.”

The meet was a huge financial success as well. This meet is now counted on to support many of the teams’ efforts and activities in the coming year. All areas were profitable and, considering the circumstances, we are very pleased with the outcome.

I have said it many times that a team is measured in many ways. Performances by the athletes and student growth in their limited time with us are the most important elements we as coaches try to convey. But the participation from the families, and support staff is a huge component in any high aspiring program and that is exactly what we are. Along with compliments about the quality of the meet, we received an equal number that were in reference to our families’ and volunteers’ efforts. Other schools are absolutely blown away by our support. To complete that meet on schedule with a smile and courtesy speaks volumes about who we really are. We showed that we are top tier people putting on a top tier meet and that is a wonderful example for our student athletes to witness. To see the pride in their eyes watching their own parents in less than ideal conditions standing tall and volunteering their time is a very powerful image I will always remember. Hosting that meet, under those conditions was a very, very difficult task and I feel it is a very high point in our proud program.

I believe that we have the best booster and volunteer support group in the region if not the nation. It’s has helped make this team what it has become and it’s a model for all others. I thank you for that.

Go Seahawks!

Bob Leetch
Track & Field
Redondo Union High School

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