Mira Costa Dual Meet Wed. 04/18/12

Redondo Union High School Track and Field Team 2012!

What’s happening this week on Wednesday night April 18th? Yep- the last league meet. This is not only the last league meet… it is the biggest Track and Field Meet of the Season! Our Sea Hawk track and field team will be competing at Mira Costa to determine who will become league Champions! Parents, families and fans we hope you’ll join us. Don’t forget to wear something RED. We’ll need a sea of red in the stands cheering loud for the RUHS Track & Field Sea Hawks 2012!!!

Pole Vaultbegins at 4:00pm
Field Events – begin at 5:00pm
Running Events – begin at 6:00pm

Buses Leave: 3:30pm from the student parking lot on Diamond St.
Buses Return: when the meet is completed (could be close to 10:00pm) to the student parking lot on Diamond St.
There will be a team warm up prior to the meet and a brief team meeting at the conclusion of the meet. Athletes please bring warm clothes, water, Gatorade and healthy snacks.
A note from the coaches- since this is the last league meet and will determine who the league champions will be, athletes will not be allowed to leave the meet early. They want all their athletes to remain together, cheering their teammates on during the meet as a team.

It will be close to 10:00pm before you get home so please plan ahead with your homework.


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