The Great Cow Run Sat. 09/08/12

Wendy Ulizio will be delivering uniforms at the end of practice this Friday.

The Great Cow Run – Saturday- September 8, 2012 – 8:00 a.m.
Cerritos Regional Park, Cerritos 19700 Bloomfield Ave, Cerritos 90703

The Great Cow Run – MEET INFODirections

All athletes will need to wear their uniform and warm-ups as there is no place to change.
Athletes need to bring a bottle of water and Gatorade with them to this meet.
Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Buses Leave: at 6:00 am ~ Drop your athlete off in the Student Parking Lot on Diamond St. Don’t be late.
Buses Return: around 12:30 pm ~ Pick your athlete up in the Student Parking Lot on Diamond St.

Parents arrive early so you can see all the races and cheer all our SEA HAWKS ON!
If you have your cow bell bring it along with you!
Camera’s if you take pictures and would like to share for the website. Put them on a CD and give to Laurie Baker. I will be happy to put them on the website.

The following has been the schedule in the past and is posted on their website but there is talk that it might be changing. As soon as the coaches find out more about the possible change we will pass it on to you.

The Great Cow Run Schedule

8:00am Freshman Boys (9th Only)
8:30am Freshmen Girls (9th Only)
9:00am Varsity Boys (All Grades)
9:30am Varsity Girls (All Grades)
10:00am Sophomore Girls (10th Only)
10:30am Sophomore Boys (10th Only)
11:00am Junior Varsity Girls (All Grades)
11:30am Junior Varsity Boys (All Grades)

We look forward to an exciting season for Redondo’s Cross Country Team ~ 2012!

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