Redondo Boys Set Record at Parlauf Relays

Fun Day at the Parlauf Relays Today! Congratulations Redondo Boys!!!

Results are on Prepcaltrack: All hail the record holders @ Parlauf Relays

Meet Photos are Posted: Meet Photos

Parlauf Gang
Parlauf Gang



The Redondo-Union-centric results, splits, stats, rankings and records for the 2013 Parlauf Relays have been assembled. Race by race, first the girls teams then the boys, have each been dissected, examined and cataloged. The timing team of Lindquist, Gore & Boswell were able to capture every split for every runner in every race. From these 200 meter splits all manner of information was extrapolated, extracted and exacted. Keep in mind that this may be a relay broken down into 200 meter pieces, but in actuality it is a 1600 meter race run piecemeal. The nature of this event begs us to look at it from every angle. Getting an opportunity to examine it in all the ways it can be sectioned-up makes for a much greater appreciation of what it takes to survive this athletic challenge.

Before you go head-long into 13 pages of numbers (yes 13, sorry), here is a brief overview of what you will find as you work your way through it:

In each team’s section there is first an opportunity to compare this year’s team with the finishes of our teams in prior years. Then you’ll see the breakdowns of each runner’s 200 meter splits. As you look to the right of the splits, each runner’s cumulative times for the first and second half of the race are compared, both at the 800 meter distance and the 200 meter distance, with a totaling of all 8 splits into a cumulative 1600 meter time.

Below the individual splits is an analysis of the team’s times per 200 meter leg, and below that are listed the main statistics for each runner.

To the right of this is a section comparing the team’s performance in the first half of the race to the second half.

In the lower right corner of each team’s results is a time labeled Team’s 8,000m Time. This is the total of all 40 splits taken in the race, and if you compare this to the official results at the top of the section, they match up pretty well.

After the 8 team sections, you will find a section showing the averages of each leg, the team’s average time per leg and other statistics. Note that here you can see what the averages would be if all boys & girls teams were combined, and if just the girls or just the boys teams were combined. Although they appear individually above this in the team sections, the average team 200 meter split for each leg is shown here grouped with all the other teams for easier comparison.

Below this you will find the various rankings lists. First are the 12 Girls, then Boys, All-Time fastest teams. This year saw the 2 new entrants to each list, with the 2013 Boys A team now toping their list with a new meet record of 18:36.9.

Below this is a table which shows all 40 runners ranked in order of the accumulation of their eight 200 meter times into a 1600 meter time. And below that are tables similarly ranking everyone by fastest average 200 meter time, and by fastest 200 meter time.

Next are the records sections. But, first you’ll see a listing of the fastest times, stats, and race-sections of the day.

The individual records shown in the next section also show who had the record previously, and when. This year there was only one new record set, and that was by Amber Gore for her 2:02.7 time for the last 800 meters of her race (the last 4 of her 200 meter splits combined).

The All-Time lists that follow show the top individual performances at each distance segment. Here we are interested in seeing what the fastest times have been over the years, so don’t be surprised to find some names on the same list more than once. For example, Evan Malone-White now hold the 3 fastest times for the 1st 800 meters of the race and for the full 1600 meters. There were 22 new entrants to these lists this year, pushing 22 former marks off the lists.

Last, but not least, comes The Sub-4 Minute Mile Club (OK, 1600 meters, close enough).

This is a list of everyone whose splits have added up to a time under 4 minutes since 2008. Like the All-Time Lists, some runners can be found on it multiple times, but unlike the All-Time Lists, It’s a club with lifetime membership. Since it includes all those who have broken the 4-minute mile, the list only gets longer as time goes on. This year the club grew to 57 strong, gaining 8 new members. Congratulations!

The Redondo-Union-centric results, splits, stats, rankings and records for the 2013 Parlauf Relays

Doug Boswell
RUHS Track & Field Booster Club

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