3/26/15 – Bay League Meet Information

Tomorrow, March 26 we will be having our first Bay League Track Meet of the Season against Peninsula.

Our team will be reporting to the Sea Hawk stadium at 4:00 PM for team photos and the meet will begin at 6:00 PM. All students were given an Athletic Release Form that parents were to sign. (Cross Country parents already did this last fall). This form will allow students to leave school right after lunch at 1:00PM. This will enable students to go home and get homework done, rest and relax prior to reporting at 4:00 PM for team photos. Any student who does not return the form, will be required to remain at school in room 821 during period 6. Students who turn in the signed permission slip will report to room 821 during lunch to receive their off-grounds pass.

Our Bay League Meets are the most important meets of our regular season. Please show up to cheer our team on, wearing Redondo school colors!


We also are still looking for some volunteers to help with this meet.
Please contact Laurie Baker at [email protected] if you are able to volunteer.

For Bay League Meets ORDER of EVENTS Click What Time Does My Kid Race
Event times are on a rolling schedule.

PLEASE MAKE NOTE… All Bay League meets will follow the same schedule (kind of)… Sometimes hurdles may run in a different order depending on what the coach calls. And sometime events like the 3200 may be combined.

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