2017 TRACK Schedule – Booster Meeting

2017 Track Schedule

​Dear Redondo CCT Parents,

We invite and encourage all our parents to attend ​the ​​RUHS cross country, track and field booster ​club ​meeting. Topics include​​ ​upcoming​ track and field season​ and f​ind out how you too can ​be​​​ ​involve​d​​. There are plenty of ways you can support the RUHS CCT program and experience the wonderful satisfying feeling of contributing to the success of your child and his/her friends, ​and ​the coaches​.​ ​Mark​ ​this date Monday ​Jan. 9th 2017​ ​on your calendar.​

​​Please RSVP by clicking RSVP BOOSTER MEETING ​
​Date: ​Monday​ ​Jan 9th 2017
Time: 7:00 p.m.​ to 8:00 p.m.​
​Location: RUHS​ ​i​n the field house​ ​on the visitor side.

​Looking forward​ to see​ing​ as many​ ​parents​ ​as possible​!​

The RUHS CCT Booster Board Members
Nedra Yost President, Sharon Douglas Vice President, Meredith Tait Secretary, Laurie Baker Treasurer​

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