Practice & CIF

Congratulations to all our Bay League Runners and a Great Thank You to all the parents who came out to cheer for the team! Coaches Bob and Sal were – as always – fantastic and Assistant Carlos once again spent his afternoon taking care of the athletes! In case you aren’t aware of it, Carlos’ two boys have long ago graduated from Redondo Running and Carlos is still coming out to support the team.

The girls varsity team advanced to the CIF Preliminaries and the boys varsity team might have an opportunity to advance as “at-large” to CIF – Coach Bob will find out on Saturday if the application was accepted. There is a method to the madness to figure this out, I guess, but at this point:  It is not clear which boys get to go to CIF. Please have your athletes check with Coach Bob and PLEASE CHECK HERE FOR UPDATES!

So we have three training groups now:

CIF Girls: Monti, Victoria, Reika, Jaclyn, Cansino, Peyton, Eva K, Julia, Madison B, Vanessa, Malia, Sydney H

CIF Boys: Christoph, Jackson, Daniel as individual plus hopefully the entire team as “at-large”

All athletes: Track is just around the corner

What this means in terms of practice:

Friday, Nov 8: All athletes have regular practice after school

Saturday, Nov 9: 8 am Malaga Cove for CIF girls and CIF potential boys (Coach Bob will let them know)

Monday, Nov 11: 8 am at Redondo Track for CIF girls and CIF boys (we will know by then & update)

All athletes:

Nov. 8, 12, 14: All athletes have practice Friday, Tuesday, and Thursday as part of their regular school PE.

Nov. 18, 19, 21: The two weeks after that, the athletes are on a mandatory two week RUNNING break, however, they show up in exercise clothes to their “regular school PE” and do exercises – just no running.

Dec 2:  Once back in school after Thanksgiving, track practice starts.

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