Letter from Coach Kelley



Congratulations on the completion of your high school lives. Graduation is always filled with many emotions from sadness to thrill and I hope that each of you embrace that complete range of emotions. I want to say thank you for being tremendous leaders. The Class of 2020 track athletes have always displayed qualities of leadership that have put our track team in a great place for the future. Although our season this year was very brief, it was immensely memorable. Personally this year was one of the most memorable; not because of the obvious reason, but in terms of my enjoyment coaching this team. This team had a closeness that others before were not as fortunate to share. From birthdays to team gatherings this team was united in a very unique way. I will cherish those memories as a coach and I thank you, Class of 2020, for making this group a TEAM!


Coach Kelley

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