6th period school XC PE & Voluntary XC practice in private team

Attention RUHS  &   Redondo Premier Track Club Athletes and Parents,

6th period school XC PE

Beginning October 12th – Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday XC practices will be held at
Veterans Park at 3:30 pm.
This is your 6th Period, so attendance will be taken for class!
Be ready to workout and run.


Students cannot participate if the following forms are not submitted:


Voluntary XC practice in private team (neither school related nor required)

There will be additional practices available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday conducted by the Premier Track Club.  Saturday practices are held at Malaga Cove in PV (meeting place by the fountain).  In order to participate in these practices, you will need to be a USATF member of the track club.

Athletes can join by doing the following:


Any questions please email Coach Bob at bobster403@gmail .com or Janice Allison at   runruhsboosterpresident@gmail.com
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