2021 Here we come, here they run….

Dear Families,

as we are finally coming towards the end of this bizarre and frustrating 2020, here are some updates that paint a better picture for the future.

  • Coach Bob had three surgeries, infections, and another visit to the emergency room this week. As everything that could possibly go wrong has already gone wrong, let’s assume Bob is finally on his path to recovery. His hands and fingers are fine, he can type, and I have no doubt he would love to hear from the athletes. Bob won’t be as good as new by the time the season starts because….
  • the Season might actually start January 25! The situation will be reassessed on January 4 but as that is my birthday, I am funneling all my birthday gift energy towards good news. 🙂
  • Athletes, keep staying in shape and keep your great attitude. Wear that dang mask and just think you might save somebody’s life by doing the correct thing – who can claim that, really?




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