To Do List for A Happy and Healthy New Year

Dear Families,

we hope you are all healthy and that we will see each other in person soon – or at least the athletes.

With school starting on Monday, please note:

  • On Monday, Coach Bob will be conducting a zoom meeting/check-in in order for athletes to get credit for their PE in school and to provide guidance on where to find the training plan. If the athlete’s last name starts with A-M, the check-in is at 12:00 pm. If the athlete’s last name starts with N-Z, the check-in is at 12:15 pm.
  • If your child is part of the Redondo Premier Track Club, please make sure to pay the January fee of $50 (and any previous missed payments) by January 10th.  All payments need to be made via Venmo, @Bob-Leetch or or exact cash. No checks, please.
  • For the athletes that are in the Redondo Premier Track Club, practice is at 3:00 pm at Veteran’s park. By now, I guess we no longer have to remind athletes to wear a face mask and stay in your pods. Please remember that backpacks are unattended (and there are homeless people that might look for change) in the park and only necessary items should be brought. No money or phones should be left in the park.
  • Please make sure that your child’s USATF membership is current and renewed so that your child is insured.

Happy New Year! Every athlete hates this situation but at least it is great weather in California to train outside year-around. So just stay safe, don’t come to practice if there is the slightest chance you were exposed, and keep up the great attitudes that the runners showed so far. Our athletes can be proud of the way they handled themselves so far.

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