Redondo Premier Track Club, Starts July 16

Cross Country families, beginning Friday, July 16th the summer cross country training will transition from the RBEF Summer Camp to our track club. Similar to last year, the athletes will need to join the Redondo Premier Track Club of the USATF. To sign up, log into the USATF and join or rejoin the Redondo Premier Track Club. The fee is $25 for the year to be in the club. The code for our team is 33-1025. Type in the number when selecting our club. We will also be training under the track club in the Winter so the annual club fee will still apply to the Winter training.
Once you have joined or rejoined our USATF club, there will a fee of $50 for the remainder of the summer. This can be paid in cash or Venmo to Coach Bob.
If you have any questions, please join us TODAY at 5pm via Zoom as I will provide information regarding the upcoming Redondo Big Bear High Altitude Camp and the training for the remainder of the summer.
Bob Leetch
Redondo Union High School
Track and Cross Country
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