XC Alumni Meet/Tryouts

Hello Parents and Athletes,

Our first race of the season will be the Alumni Meet on August 14th (Saturday), 2021 at 8:00am at Redondo Union HS (volunteers will need to arrive earlier, see times below). The race is not only for our alumni, but for our students to qualify for the cross country team.

Parent/Athlete Information:

  • All athletes will report to the track at 7:00 AM to register and complete a warm-up.
  • At 8:00 the race will begin and all athletes will be in the same race.
  • The 3 mile race will be on the Redondo Cross Country course which begins and ends on the track.
  • Athletes will not be wearing uniforms for this race, but please wear running attire.
  • Any athlete who purchased racing flats should bring them to the track.
  • After warming up they will change into racing flats right before the race begins.
  • Make sure all clothing and shoes are labeled with names please.
  • Also, please ensure that all runners hydrate well the day before and again the morning of the race.
  • After the race, athletes cool down.
  • There will be a group photo on field.
  • Athletes please help clean up the field.
  • Approximately 9:30 when the race is complete, parents attend mandatory meeting on the visitor side bleachers to discuss the season.
  • Fan gear is available for purchase. Cash or check only.

This exciting event is not possible without you. That being said, we need parent volunteers for this event to run smoothly. Please use the link below to sign up.


Registration: – Checking kids in – Need you to arrive by 7:00 AM
Finish line: Keep runners in order they finish – Need to arrive by 7:20 AM
Course Guides: We post parents at different areas of the course to direct runners so they do not get lost.  It’s a great way to watch the race and to be able to cheer your own child as they run by.
Bikers: Volunteers to ride their bikes to follow at the front and back of the race.
Course guides and bikers will also need to arrive by 7:20 AM and will meet on the field so you can be shown the course to place you in your positions.
Fan Gear: Volunteers please arrive at 7:20 AM.
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