Team/Volunteer Thank You BBQ

Calling all Nike Track Festival Volunteers and athlete helpers!

From Ann and Reni- Nike Track Festival Concession Leads:

THANK YOU so much for everything you did during our Nike Festival! From setting up, prepping, grilling, filling orders, working that Square app, staying extra shifts, running home to bring kitchen supplies, making trips to refill the propane tanks, and cleaning up – all in the pouring rain and with a smile on your face! We couldn’t have asked for a better Dream Team!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 15th, we want to SERVE YOU to a BBQ!

As you know, due to the weather, our sales were lower than expected, so we have plenty of leftovers. We’ll be grilling up more burgers and hotdogs for all our amazing parent volunteers, athlete volunteers, and coaches at upper concessions.

Reni will be there from 3:30-5pm to get everything ready and get things grilling.
Ann will be there from 4:30pm until everyone is fed 🙂 Our incredible Track Booster Team and awesome Varsity Parents will be there to grill and serve as well!

We appreciate all of you and hope you can join us tomorrow!
-Reni Huang and Ann Duke

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