Information for First Week of School

Dear Parents,
Please read the following information about the locker situation at RUHS due to construction. Currently there are no lockers available for use. We hope this situation will change as construction on the field house is finished. Until lockers are available, ALL boys and NEW girls are to head directly to the track immediately after period 5 tomorrow. They will meet Bob at the top of the track and the kids will change in the restrooms that are located there. They will be locking their items in a storage shed located at the top of the track. Please DO NOT bring valuables as we can not guarantee their safety. Bob shared this information with the team at practice today but I wanted to let parents know the plan. The locker rooms should be available sometime next week hopefully. Each student needs to purchase a lock for their locker in order to secure their belongings once the lockers become available. This can happen any day so they should bring the lock with them each day to practice so they are prepared when lockers are assigned.

It is important that every parent/student read and understand the track contract which was handed out at the Alumni Race last Saturday. We will be handing another copy out on Thursday to each athlete and discussing it with the team. Signed contracts are due back to me by Tuesday, September 8.

Practice schedule this week will be different due to the modified schedule the first week of school.
Tuesday and Wednesday: Practice will begin during Period 6 about 2:20 and continue after school. Athletes will be done around 4:30
Thursday: Practice will begin during period 6 about 1:20 and continue until 3:30-4:00PM
Friday: Practice will begin after school as there is no period 6 that day at 3:15 and continue until 5:00-5:30.

On most normal weeks with no modified bell schedules the APPROXIMATE practice schedule is as follows (remember these are approximate times ) During weeks of League and Invitational meets there will be modifications to the training schedule so practice may end 30 minutes earlier or later depending on the meet schedule.

Monday: Practice begins during Period 6 at 2:15 and will end about 4:30-5:00
Tuesdays and Thursdays: Practice begins during period 6 at 1:15 and continue until 3:30-4:00
Wednesdays and Fridays: Practice will not begin until after school at 3:15 and will continue until 5:00PM-5:30 PM

There is practice next Monday (Labor Day) It will be in the early morning like the summer practices. We will inform athletes this week on the exact time and location.

It was great to see so many families cheering on the team during their first race of the season! It was exciting to see so many runners cross the finish line in their first cross country race. Hearing the cow bells, seeing the line of red and hearing all the cheering really helps inspire them!

Coach Ferron

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