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It’s Count Down to Race Day! – Tomorrow

The Great Cow Run – Saturday September 11th

Leave Time: 6:00 am – from RUHS
Return Time: Around 12:30-1:00 pm to RUHS
For Bus Drop Off & Pick Up
          Buses will be located near the lower tennis courts on Vincent Ave.
Athletes:Need to be dressed in uniform with a sweat shirt / pants over their uniforms.If your uniform is not in yet you will need to wear RED SHORTS and a WHITE T-SHIRT.
Dinner the night before you race; runners need to eat a healthy meal of protein, fresh veggies, fruit and DRINK  lots of Water and Gatorade.
Breakfast the morning of should be a light snack such a ½ banana, cereal, granola bar, fresh fruit and Gatorade or Water. 

Families and Friends, make sure to wear your Redondo Red, bring your Cow Bells and help CHEER all our REDONDO RUNNERS ON!
Runners as you run by and hear the cow bells you will know it is all your family and friends cheering you on!


Here are two links one will give you directions with spectators parking info
and the other one will give you race times and some information about the race.

Great Cow Run Directions

The Great Cow Run –  Cerritos Cross Country


Tuesday, September 14th

Coyote Cantina Funderaiser

Save this date… Come  support the RUHS Cross Country Team
Reservation recommended for dinner…flyer not required


Tuesday September 7th Cross Country Contract DUE

Signed Cross Country Contract DUE and need to be turn into Coach Ferron.
Each athlete should have already received a copy. It is important that every parent/student read and understand the Cross Country contract.

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