Woodbridge XC Invitational

Dear Parents and Athletes,

Saturday our team competes in the exciting Woodbridge Invitational at the Silver Lakes Sports Complex in Norco. The address is 5555 Hamner Avenue, Norco CA.92880.  Athletes should meet the buses in the student parking lot on Diamond at 12:45 PM.  The buses will return after the last race at 8:06 PM.  Again, we ask that parents be in the parking lot ready to pick up when the buses arrive back at Redondo.  The coaches were so appreciative of this effort at the last meet!!

Students should come to the meet dressed in their uniforms and warmups.   Please clearly mark all items with names.  Make sure they have plenty of water/Gatorade as it will be warm during the afternoon hours.  Make sure everyone eats a healthy hearty breakfast, a light lunch and brings healthy snacks.  You may want to send additional money since there will be T-shirts for sale and food trucks where athletes can purchase food AFTER their race.

Below is the website with all pertinent information concerning the meet including location, directions, schedule and parking information.  Plan extra arrival time as parking could be a long walk and traffic to Norco may be heavy.  They have asked us to emphasis that NO DOGS will be allowed anywhere in the race complex.

Our team will be competing in the Gold Division on Saturday.


Woodbridge Meet Schedule 9/21/19

We appreciate all the support of parents at the last meet and hope to see you all at the Woodbridge Invitational cheering on our team. We ask though that parents do not hang out near or in the team tent.  Also, we would appreciate it if parents wait to speak to their athletes after the coaches have met with them and they have completed their required warm down after the race. Thank you very much for your understanding on this.

Thanks again for the incredible support of our team and program and please direct any questions to my email below.

[email protected]

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