Snapraise Fundraiser

Dear Parents,

Your student has been asked to participate in our team fundraiser called Snapraise. It is an online-based fundraiser where the student contacts prospective donors via email about our team’s needs.

Success is not defined as being the fastest person on the team, in fact, success in cross country takes time, time to learn and time to train. With high student academic responsibilities, the delicate balancing act is quite a challenge.  The willingness and devotion each of our athletes require is a major commitment. Every team member is required to meet all these expectations. Unfortunately, we fall short financially but with this fundraiser, we will be able to meet our financial goals.


Cross country is a relatively inexpensive sport, but it still costs money and our support from the school district will not fulfill all our budget requirements. The invitational races require entrance fees, we need stipends for assistant coaches, a budget for team shirts, team bonding activities and transportation to and from the meets.  And some of our athletes cannot afford to purchase uniforms or shoes as regularly as necessary.  Participating in this fundraiser allows our team with its high aspirations on and off the course, to strive to earn greatness.

It is not mandatory and there is no penalty for not participating in the team fundraiser.  We are hoping that our student/athletes will work hard to support their team in reaching its fundraising goals.  Top 5 athletes will win a prize for the most funds raised.

In return our athletes will promise to CONCEDE NOTHING: This question and answer have been our starting line rallying cry and season motto for the past several seasons. Concede means to allow or yield to something to another person or group, as well as to accept and acknowledge defeat. Although the strong current program began from a struggling one, the team has never been willing to begin down any road other than one leading to success. Lack of experience, tough competition, tired legs are not reasons to concede anything. Redondo’s determined spirit will see them through the many races of Cross Country season. The team will be traveling to seven invitationals and two Bay League meets before, along with hosting our two-mile dual meet with Santa Monica and hopefully moving through to CIF.

Not only are we dedicated runners and coaches, but academic leaders on campus. We have a long record of the highest GPA among campus teams and a full list of alums who graduated from Cal-Berkeley, Brown, University of Michigan, Cal Poly SLO, UCLA, LMU, Arizona, Indiana, USC and many, many more.

Thank you for your support and Go Sea Hawks!

Bob Leetch
Track and Cross Country
Redondo Union HS
1 Seahawk Way
Redondo Beach, CA, 90277

Gill/USATF National High School
Track Coach of the Year
California Coaches Association
Girls Track Coach of the Year

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