Online Practice – a Letter from Coach Bob

Dear Athletes,

I hope this email finds you and your family in good health.  Recent developments have been very challenging for our athletes, coaches, and support staff, all of whom prepare year-round for their opportunities to compete at the highest levels of high school track and field.  As of today, there has been no announcement to cancel the Spring season in the state.  Last week the 10 sections that represent the CIF convened to discuss the effects of COVID-19. They announced that more information was needed. The next announcement from CIF will be April 3rd. The school has announced May 5th as the return date for students.

I am now been given the opportunity to communicate with the team. First, I would like to ask that all families decide what their comfort level is with regard to exercise. Most sources encourage outdoor running as a great way to stay healthy, physically and emotionally. If your child runs outdoors, please explain to them the importance of safe social distancing or to run by themselves. As we gather information in this ever changing situation we will do our best to keep you informed.

Beginning today at 4:30 pm, we will hold a “Backyard Track” workout via the Zoom app. The practice will be challenging and fun. Expect it to last approximately 40 minutes. This is not a mandatory practice. It will not affect any grades. It is simply the first in a series of training sessions that we hope will maintain or enhance your child’s fitness. Until we are told otherwise, we are under the assumption that the season will have a conclusion. Todays practice will be limited to the first 80 that log in. We have approximately 170 athletes on the team but with everyone’s full schedules, I doubt we will meet that number. If that is the case we will upgrade the app to accommodate the larger numbers for the next practice. This particular workout will be conducted by my wife, Coach Kirsten.  We invite any family members to join in.  All we ask is that you share a device in case it gets full. You will not need much space, a small backyard or similar area should be fine.  If your child plans to participate, I recommend downloading the app ahead of the workout. Once the Zoom app has been downloaded log into;

The most important button to know in zoom is “mute”. If your athlete is not talking to the coach or the team, please make sure they click that mute button or we won’t be able to hear anything.

These are unusual and ever changing circumstances.  As frustrating as it may be to have the season curtailed or even cancelled it is more important to focus on our families health and safety. Please follow the guidelines by washing hands often, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth and practicing safe social distancing of AT LEAST 6 FEET. We should be more concerned about our families’ health than sports.  Here’s a terrific video on hand washing if haven’t seen it.

Please stay safe and healthy. We hope to see you soon.

Bob Leetch

Redondo Track and Cross Country

Redondo Union High School


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