SESSION II on Friday at 4:30 pm of the Incredible Virtual Workout!!! 

And here we go again. Let’s try something today!

  1. Turn on your VIDEO
  2. Turn on your MICROPHONE

When the actual workout starts, Bob will MUTE everybody and then UNMUTE individual athletes as he sees fit. And if Bob sees you, he can do a little bit more coaching which is why your camera should be on.  Anybody can watch a work out video but let’s try an actual interactive coaching session.

If you are bored….  (all of us), you can check out the following:  When Bob unmutes you, you should NOT get a pop-up window saying “do you agree to be unmuted” – because then you would have to stop your workout to click buttons. It has to be somewhere in the settings – try to figure it out.

We saw lots of family members working along – great job!!!   Make sure to log in with only one device please as we only have 100 spots.  HAVE FUN!

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You probably won’t need these but just in case: Meeting ID: 857 952 918, Password: 668634

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