Thanks You/Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our runners. The athletes have been working so hard, it’s great to see them in action.


Thank you to our parent volunteers, with you as coarse guides these runners had a better advantage to run their best, especially for some of the runners, it was only their second time on the course.


Stay tuned for details about Wednesday’s Race at West Torrance at 6:45 PM



Your Athlete has been asked to participate in our team fundraiser called “Snapraise.” It is an online-based fundraiser where the student-athlete contacts prospective donors via email about our team’s needs.


Success is not defined as being the fastest person on the team, in fact, success in cross country takes time, time to learn, and time to train. With high student academic responsibilities, the delicate balancing act is quite a challenge.  The willingness and devotion each of our athletes requires is a major commitment. Every team member is required to meet all these expectations. Unfortunately, we fall short financially but with this fundraiser, we will be able to meet our financial goals.

It is not mandatory and there is no penalty for not participating in the team fundraiser.  We are hoping that our student-athletes will work hard to support their team in reaching its fundraising goals.



Orders due by March 20th

Follow this link here and can also be found under Cross Country menu.

Items shipped directly to you.


Thank you for your support and Go Sea Hawks!

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